Máy đo độ ẩm đa năng có tích hợp máy in SANKO-NHẬT BẢN, MR-300

Mã sản phẩm: MR-300

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The above photo shows the unit, MR-300 with a probe, KG-PA (option)

Multi-function type of moisture measurement <img width="1" height="1" alt="" src="file:///C:DOCUME~1ADMINI~1LOCALS~1Tempmsohtml1

(Option) standard probes: for MR-200, MR-300
Model/weight & dimensionsMeasurement rangeApplications
TG-PA (for timber)
50(W) x 30(H) x 135(D) mm
3.5~50%Building materials, furniture, packing, boards, timber in general
MC-mode MC-3: 1~100 unitsControl, inspection of dryness of food, chemical synthesis products in process
KG-PA (for papers, cardboard)
50(W) x 40(H) x 150(D) mm
3.5~40%Papers, cardboard, old papers papers in general
MC-mode MC-2: 1~100 unitsControl, inspection of dryness of fiber products in process
PM-PA (mortar, plaster)
50(W) x 30(H) x 130(D) mm
0.8 ~15%Mortar, concrete, plaster etc.,
MC-mode MC-1 : 1~100 unitsControl, inspection of dryness of ceramic products in process