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Máy làm mát và sưởi Kusami KS310-AH

THÔNG SỐ SẢN PHẨM: Máy làm mát và sưởi Kusami KS310-AH

1) Climate Control Evaporative Air Cooler 1) Voltage: 110V/60Hz~ or 220V/50Hz~
2) Energy efficient, no compressor 2) Plug: VDE or Two flat pins plug
3) Indoor & outdoor portable 3) Power: 95W (Cooling); 1000-1800W (Heating)
4) Evaporative air cooling mechanism 4) Capacity: 15L
5) Honeycomb cooling media with greater 5) Motor: 100% copper wires
surface area for transfer of humidity. 6) Air speed: 3 speed (H-M-L) settings with 9m/s
6) Save up to 80% on energy costs compared 7) Air volume: 700-800m3/hr
to air conditioners 8) Noise level: ≤60dB
7) Half detachable water tank with protection 9) Mode: 3 modes: Normal, Nature and Sleep
of the water pump. 10) Swing: Auto left-right in 120°, Manual up-down
8) Air flow at body level 11) Timer: 1~12 Hour timer
9) Compact design without installed cost 12) Remote: With remote
10) Environment friendly. 13) Ice box: 2pcs
11) PTC High efficient heating element 14) Anion & Humidify: With aniton & humidify function
12) Control heating by REMOTE 15) Available color: Black, Blue, Red, Green, White