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Ống phát hiện nhanh khí Nitrogen oxides NO+NO2 trong khí nén Gastec 11A (0.02~2ppm, không dùng bơm)

THÔNG SỐ SẢN PHẨM: Ống phát hiện nhanh khí Nitrogen oxides NO+NO2 trong khí nén Gastec 11A (0.02~2ppm, không dùng bơm)

Hãng sản xuất: Gastec
Model: 11A
Xuất xứ: Nhật Bản
Không cần dùng thêm bơm, lắp trực tiếp vào đầu ra van tiết lưu khí nén
Vạch chỉ thị: 0.02 ~ 0.7 ppm
Thang đo: 0.02 ~ 0.7 ppm; 0.06 to 2 ppm
Tốc độ lấy mẫu: 100mL/min(500mL); 100mL/min(200mL)
Thời gian lấy mẫu:  5 phút; 2 phút
Chuyển đổi màu: White → Bluish green
Phương trình phản ứng: ABTS + NO2 → Bluish green product
Hệ số biến đổi:10% (0.02 ~0.2 ppm), 5% (0.2~ 0.7 ppm)
Số ống trong hộp: 10


Measuring Range0.02 to 0.7 ppm0.06 to 2 ppm
Sampling Rate100mL/min(500mL)100mL/min(200mL)
Correction Factor12.9
Sampling Time5 minutes2 minutes
Colour ChangeWhite → Bluish green
Reaction PrincipleABTS + NO2 → Bluish green product
Coefficient of Variation10% (for 0.02 to 0.2 ppm), 5% (for 0.2 to 0.7 ppm)
Shelf Life3 Years
Corrections for temperatureUnnecessary for 0 to 40℃
Corrections for humidityUnnecessary for R.H.0 to 90%
Store the tubes at cool and dark place.
Possible coexisting substances and their interferences (NOTE)
SubstanceConcentrationInterferenceChange colour by itself to
Chlorine +Bluish green
Calibration gas generationPermeation tube method
TLV-TWATLV-STELExplosive range
NO2: 0.2 ppm(2014)
NO: 25 ppm(2014)

Airtec tube - Compressed breathing air detector tubes

Airtec Tube for Cylinder / Compressed Breathing Air / Air Line Test.
Airtec tubes are a convenient and simple system for testing of a gas cylinder, compressed breathing air and air line. Industrial operations often produce, or are performed in the presence of harmful airborne contaminants. When self contained breathing apparatus or other devices are used for respiratory protection, the quality of the breathing air requires special attention. Contaminants entering the compressor or contaminants generated by the compressor or cylinder can be harmful to the worker and the respiratory equipment.

Measurement procedure:

1.Install a reducer pressure with gauge and flow metre to a cylinder, compressor or air line and adjust the flow metre the required setting.
 2.Break tips off a fresh detector tube in the tube tip breaker and insert a tube into a tube holder.
3.Attach the rubber tube holder to the flow metre outlet. Make certain the tube arrowon the tube pointing in a down direction.
 4.Turn on the cylinder or compressor and confirm the flow metre according to each Airtec tube specifications.
5.Time the flow rate with a stopwatch.
 6.As soon as sampling time has elapsed turn off the cylinder or compressor, and remove the tube from the tube holder and then read the colour change layer immediately.