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Terasic Capacitive Multi-Touch LCD with Camera Module (MTLC)

THÔNG SỐ SẢN PHẨM: Terasic Capacitive Multi-Touch LCD with Camera Module (MTLC)

Capacitive Multi-Touch LCD and Camera Module
    7-inch TFT LCD with pixel resolution of 800*480
    16 million colors (8-bit RGB)
    LED backlight
5-Megapixel Digital Image Sensor
    2,592H x 1,944V active pixels with Bayer color arrangement
    Programmable frame rate up to 70FPS (VGA)
    Snapshot-mode mode to take frames on demand
    Simple two-wire serial control interface
Digital Accelerometer
    Up to 13-bit resolution at +/- 16g
    SPI (3- and 4-wire) digital interface
    Flexible interrupts modes
Ambient Light Sensor
    Precise illumination measurement under diverse lighting conditions
    Programmable interrupts
    16-bit digital output with I2C fast-mode at 400 kHz
    Programmable analog gain and Integration time
    50/60Hz lighting ripple rejection


The Terasic Capacitive Multi-Touch LCD with Camera Module (MTLC) is not only equipped with a 7” LCD screen, it also comes with a 5-Megapixel digital image sensor module, G-sensor and light sensor. All of these sensors connect to the FPGA device via the HSMC connector and they can be controlled and used directly by the FPGA device.

The kit comes with everything you need to develop multimedia applications using a digital multi-touch panel. Complete reference designs and source codes for implementing a photo viewer demonstration and a color painter is included in the kit.