Terasic GPIO-HSMC Card

Mã sản phẩm: GPIO-HSMC

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Converts HSMC interface I/O to standard 40-pin expansion connectors.
Allows users to connect Altera DE2/DE1 boards to a HSMC-interfaced host board.
Provides test points for signal measurement.
Size:78.105*71.12 mm


The THDB-H2G (HSMC to GPIO Daughter Board) board is designed to fan out the High Speed Mezzanine connector (HSMC) I/Os to three 40-pin expansion prototype connectors, which are compatible with Altera DE2/DE1/DE0 expansion headers. Users can connect up to three Altera DE2/DE1/DE0 boards (or associated daughter cards) onto a HSMC-interfaced host board via the THDB-H2G board.