Terasic HSMC to Santa Cruz / USB / Mictor Card

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One HSMC connector for interface conversion
One SC interface
Adjustable logic levels between HSMC and SC interface signals
One Hi-Speed USB On-The-Go transceiver

One Mictor Connector
One SMA Connector for external clock input
One SD Card Socket


SUM (HSMC to Santa Cruz / USB / Mictor Daughter Board) is an adapter board to convert High Speed Mezzanine Connector (HSMC) interface to Santa Cruz (SC), USB, Mictor, and SD Card interface. It allows users to use these interface on a host board with a HSMC connector.

Because of limited I/O numbers of the HSMC interface, the SC interface and USB port have to share the same I/O pins. Users can choose which interface to be enabled by jumper selection.

Finally, the source signals from the HSMC interface to the SC header on the SUM board will be passed through level shifters to adjust the logic level difference between the HSMC and SC interface board.